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We are young.
We have time.

We will use this time.
Use it to create better and better products.

Stay tuned. The Future – It will be great.

Future Projects

  • Gymnastic bag – Spring 2020 (Done!)
  • 10 years anniversary jacket – Summer 2020
  • StreemTraceurs and Coaches Pullover – Fall 2020
  • “The Classics” sweatpants – Fall 2020
  • “The Classics” Pullover – Winter 2020
  • Streemunity coat – Spring 2021

There will be new products coming into the shop between these mainprojects!

Project updates

We are currently designing the sweatpants, the pullover and the jacket.

Corona forced us to stop the production.. We haD products and materials in Germany, that we needed.

Priority the StreemJam design and production, the 10 years celebration Jacket and the StreemTraceurs and Coaches Pullover 🙂

[Last Update 12.06.2020]

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