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We are independent of the StreemFreerun Basel association.
We are a group of members and trainers from the StreemFreerun Basel association.

We like to make clothes and see this as a great opportunity to let off steam creatively.
We have the official permission from StreemFreerun Basel to create the clothes / merch.

We love to do this for StreemFreerun Basel!

Who are we?

Dario Gomes StreemShop

Dario Gomes

StreemFreerun Basel trainer, board & athlete

Hi, my name is Dario Gomes. I was born 11. September 1999 and like parkour and freerun because of it’s freedom. It’s is a sport that you do with and not against someone. Parkour and freerun for me is a lifestyle and not only a sport. I love to be part of the StreemFreerun Basel family.

Instagram: @this_dario 

Marlon Gnos

StreemFreerun Basel member and athlete

Hello, my name is Marlon. I was born on November 7th, 2005. I do parkour because all the friends I’ve made in the past couple of years, I’ve made while doing parkour. In addition to parkour, I’m also halfway a beat producer and like to design clothing.

Instagram: @marlocado

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