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We are a group of members and trainers from the StreemFreerun Basel association.

We like to make clothes and see this as a great opportunity to let off steam in a creative way.

We love to do this for StreemFreerun Basel! But who are we?

About us!

The Classics Series is in progress! We have a lot of plans! We kicked it off with our Streem “The Classics” Shirt.

A full success! The people loved it! 75% off all T-Shirt we produced sold in less than 24 hours.

We will produce more for sure! The Idea is to make a full set of clothings that fits together.
All with the same theme. Streemred and black! Every product individually designed and produced by us.

“The Classics” products!

“The Classics” T-Shirts is simple. It’s classic. This is the first part of our “The Classics” series. We will Design a set of clothings that fits togehter and call it “The Classics”. At the end we will have a entire outfit that fits totally perfect togehter. Four our first high-quality product we chose to make something really simple with our main logo. It has the perpouse to show of for what we stand for and who we are.

To the T-Shirt!

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